dL dancers can now stream all of their weekly dance classes at home ... LIVE!

1. Click here to access the Live Stream login page

2. Login with your email on file (password was included in the email sent on 3/22 & 3/24).

3. Once logged in, click on "Classes" on the left side.

4. Click your dancer's class title name for Live Stream page ... DO NOT click on "join a class".

5. For the first 5 minutes of class, please copy the Zoom URL into a new webpage, so that your dancer can chat with their instructor.

6. After the Zoom meet, please return to your Live Stream page and press play for the remainder of class ... once again DO NOT click on "join a class".

*Please note that if live stream does not start when you push the play button, please refresh your page and try again ... this normally means that the instructor has not started the stream yet.

1. Classes are LIVE ... this means they will be held at the same day and time you would normally come to the studio to take class.

2. Make sure to use a laptop or iPad and put in a place that your dancer can easily view, while still able to do the movements.

3. Download Zoom onto the same device for the first 5 minutes of class chat with you instructor.

4. Most importantly ... HAVE FUN!!!

Combo Age Classes

Jazz Classes

Ballet Classes

Lyrical / Contemporary

Tumbling / Acro