June 29, 2020

Due to the most recent executive order issued, the studio will be closed until July 27th. We are excited to announce that the new 2020-21 dance season will begin on August 3rd and registration will begin the week of July 6th. Please visit our website for class schedules, online registration access, and for the most up-to-date news.

Thank you,

The Dance Loft

May 15, 2020

In light of the recent news that came out a couple of days ago from Governor Ducey, we wanted to pass along our newest COVID-19 update regarding the rest of this dance season moving forward. As most are aware, the extended Stay-At-Home executive order will expire after today. While we are thrilled to hear this news, it does not mean that everything will return back to normal overnight. We want to respect and be mindful of all our dancers, families, & staff; therefore, please see below for more information …

May Classes

In order to assist with the transition into our temporary normal for practicing social distancing at the studio, team based classes will resume in person on Monday, May 18th with a limited amount of dancers in each studio and while following necessary precautions to aid with the safety of all. Team dancers please look out for details to come through on your BAND app.

All non-team based classes will continue to Live Stream only thru May 30th, which will also be the last official day of dance classes for the 2019-20 season.

Account Credits

For families with dance account credits (unused private lessons, tuition overpayments, etc), we will reach out to you individually at the conclusion of our dance season to reconcile your account.

Private Lessons

Our wonderful staff has been offering virtual private lessons over the past six weeks and starting Monday, May 18th in person private lessons will be available again. Please visit our website and click on the Private Lesson tab to sign-up.

Recital 2020

After much discussion over the past two months with our recital venue, costume companies, and given the nature of current social distancing guidelines, we have made the unfortunate decision to cancel Recital 2020. While an event allowing for thousands of attendees is currently not possible in today’s climate, and even with the possibility of this changing in the near future, we feel that we could not adequately provide a recital experience that we would be proud of. Look out for a separate recital email to be sent later today that will be address specific items like costume deposits and fees paid.

Summer Classes (June)

What is your dancer doing over the summer? This year summer dance camps will not be offered; however, a reduced class schedule beginning June 8th thru July 3rd will be available. Registration specifics and summer class schedule will be sent out next week.

2020-21 Season

As previously mentioned, pre-registration for our new dance season normally occurs in the month of May; however, this has been pushed back to June … look out for more information to be released soon.

2020-21 Teams

Team tryouts have been scheduled for the week of June 1st thru 6th which will allow ample time to conduct small group auditions, virtual auditions, or other creative forms of auditioning that may be required. We will send out more audition info shortly. If your dancer has expressed interest in one of our awesome dL teams, please contact the front desk.

It’s amazing how quickly time has passed since we last saw each other in person prior to Spring Break, and we appreciate your continued support through these past two months! While the current dance year is coming to a close in a rather unique way, we are excited to start a new season on a high note. We miss you and can’t wait to see all our amazing dance families soon!

Thank you!

The Dance Loft

April 30, 2020

Thank you for all your patience and understanding during these past six weeks. We would like to pass along a COVID-19 update now that the state of Arizona has made some new announcements regarding the Stay-At-Home order that was due to expire tonight. As most are aware, the executive order was extended until May 15th. We were hoping to be able to meet in person starting tomorrow in some capacity, but it appears that this will have to wait for another couple of weeks as our new target re-opening date will be May 18th. While we continue to monitor this situation, please see below for updates …

May Classes

Classes will continue to Live Stream thru May 16th, when we will reassess at that time. Just a quick reminder that tuition is still due by the end of tomorrow and that all tuition is discounted by 20%. Please refer to the email sent out this past Monday (4/27) for details.

Recital 2020

In light of the extended Stay-At-Home order, recital will not occur the week of June 1st thru 6th. While we have strongly considered canceling this event, we have also been in talks with venues and costume companies over the past several weeks about a possible reschedule for later in the summer. Because so many items center on making recital a success, we are going to commit to making a firm decision by May 15th regarding the postponement or cancellation of this event.

2020-21 Season

Pre-registration for the new season normally occurs in the month of May; however, please mark your calendars as this has been pushed back to June. Look out for details and new season schedule to be released soon.

2020-21 Teams

Team tryouts have been rescheduled for the week of June 1st thru 6th which will allow ample time to conduct small group auditions, virtual auditions, or other creative forms of auditioning that may be required. We will send out more audition details later in May. If your dancer has expressed interest in one of our awesome dL teams, please contact the front desk.

We appreciate your continued support and can’t wait to see all our amazing dance families soon!

Thank you!

The Dance Loft

March 20, 2020

Hello Dance Loft Family,

First and foremost, we miss you and hope that all our dL dancers & families are safe and healthy!!! We wanted to send out an update regarding the ever changing situation that we are all experiencing at this time. Earlier this week, the CDC & White House recommended that all gatherings be limited to 10 or less people. Additionally, Arizona governor Doug Ducey announced that starting tomorrow all businesses that promote gatherings of 50 or more are to no longer operate as normal. With that said, our studio will remain closed until further notice so that we can follow those strong recommendations. We will continue to closely monitor this situation and will update all our dL families regularly.

What does this mean for your dancer? We are thrilled to announce that this does not mean dance has to stop, as there will be awesome new things starting next week …

Live Stream Classes

Starting this Monday (3/23) morning, all Dance Loft classes will now be offered as live streams at the same day/time/instructor that your dancer would normally attend. Our website team has been working round the clock to integrate a live stream setup for our dancers. Please look out for a separate email on how each dancer will be able to access this live stream content.

In-Person & Virtual Private Lessons

All dancers will have the opportunity to setup one-on-one private lessons with the instructor of their choice. We offered in-person private lessons at the studio this past week and will continue to do so going forward. For dancers that choose to remain at home, we are excited to now offer virtual private lessons for at home one-on-one instruction. All private lessons will be scheduled through a Sign-Up Genius link on our website and all virtual private lessons will run through Zoom. Details for in-person & virtual private lessons will be sent out in a separate email this weekend.

Social Media

If you are not already following us on social media (Facebook & Instagram), please make sure to do so. We are going to be posting fun activities & challenges, as well as offering live stream master classes to take at home for free.

April Tuition

As of now, no April tuition will be due … all dancer’s remaining March tuition will be applied towards April, so that all dancers can continue to take their classes via live stream.

2020 Recital

At this time, we do not have any updates regarding the status of this season’s recital. So much depends on when/if we will be able to hold in-person classes and how performance venues will be operating at that time. We do have back-up ideas in mind, but for now we will continue to observe the status over the upcoming weeks.

Team Dancers

We will continue to update all team specific items through BAND, so please make sure to have your notifications on.

While we all try to adjust to new routines from this unprecedented situation, our main focus continues to be the health and safety of our dL dancers, families, & staff. We understand how important consistency is for children and hope that these creative ways to offer dance will offer some normalcy to these uncertain times. As mentioned, we will be sending out separate emails detailing the live stream classes and private lessons. We appreciate your patience & flexibility and please know that we are doing everything possible behind the scenes to navigate through this situation.

The dance community is STRONG and we will get through this … please stay safe and healthy!

Chris & Jessie

March 14, 2020

Dear Dance Loft Family,

As the studio Spring Break comes to an end, we wanted to send an update on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the impact it will have moving forward. Due to the fluid nature of what our country, state, and community is experiencing we are closely monitoring recommendations from the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) to provide the most up-to-date adjustments to the studio.

Our main focus is the health & safety of all our dL dancers, families, and staff. With that said, we have decided to remain closed for an additional week of Spring Break from March 16th thru the 22nd and pause dance classes to further assess the situation during this time frame. While there are no current recommendations to close businesses or schools in the state of Arizona, we find it in the best interest of our entire community to be abundantly cautious and make every effort to do our part in slowing the spread of this virus.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation during this short pause and will update all our dL families as new information is made available. When the studio does resume, we will have additional precautions in place to assist while we maneuver this unique circumstance. For team dancers, we will be sending out messages through BAND as to expectations in the coming weeks regarding performances, competitions, rehearsals, etc. We want to thank all our dL dancers, families, & staff for your continued support and look forward to seeing you soon!